We will be following North Carolina state-mandated requirements at the time of the tournament.

Please check this page frequently, as any updates, especially in regard to city, county or facility guidelines or restrictions will be posted here. COVID 19 could cause us to adjust our tournament guidelines, and grace and flexibility will be needed in order to have this opportunity. The current NC Executive Order is in place through March 31. 2021.

Based on the current Executive Order from the Governor of NC, the following requirements will be in place for this event.

1. 100% masking - All students, parents, judges and workers will be required to mask 100% of the time indoors, to include while debating and judging.

2. Social distancing - A maximum of 10 people will be allowed in each room.

3. This facility has a large gym where people may hang out. Masking is required while inside the gym.

4. No food will be offered on the premises for competitors and their families or judges. Competitors and their families will be required to eat outside and if the weather is bad, they will need to eat in their cars. Extra time will be allowed in the schedule to facilitate this requirement.

5. No handshakes with opponents or judges. During cross-ex, the questioner will stand at his/her place at the table; the respondent will remain at the podium.

6. Competitors will be disqualified if they do not adhere to these guidelines.

7. Do not come or bring any family members who are currently feeling ill or with fever, sore throat, or cough. All fees will be refunded for any cancellation.